Reliability Management, Inc.
Global Maintenance Improvement Services



Pre start-Up Activities

* Defining Business Needs
* Defining Production Needs
* Developing the Master Equipment List
* Determining Equipment Criticality
* Identifying and developing the preventive maintenance program.
* Identifying and developing the predictive maintenance program.
* Developing technical drawing, documentation control program.
* Identify training/skill requirements.
* Identify store room, spare parts, and tools requirements.
* Identify maintenance staffing requirements.
* Identifying and developing maintenance management system (CMMS).

Preventive Maintenance Services

* Preventive maintenance program development.
* Audit or update current preventive maintenance plans (PM's).
* Update or develop oil analysis program.
* Training.

Predictive Maintenance Services

* Predictive maintenance program needs analysis.
* Predictive maintenance program development.
* Audit existing predictive maintenance programs.
* Training
* Vibration analysis
* Infrared scanning
* Ultrasonic inspections
* Stroboscope inspections
* Compressed air/gas leak surveys
* Motor surge comparison testing
* Oil analysis
* Steam trap inspections
* Laser alignments
* Dynamic balancing

Maintenance Evaluations

Extensive report on your maintenance department's current practices.
The objective of the evaluation will:
* Identify those practices which impede the completion of preventive, predictive, and routine maintenance work orders.
* Analyze the content and usefulness of the existing methodologies to plan, assign, and communicate the status of the maintenance workload.
* Provide recommendations to improve the plant maintenance functions, and assist management in working towards "World Class Manufacturing" status.
* Provide a prioritized list of recommendations for short term and long term goals.

Quality Programs

* Various quality programs such as QA9000 and ISO9000 programs.
* OSHA 1910 Mechanical Integrity

Equipment Assessments

* Provides a "snap-shot" of your facility and production equipment.
* Utilizes various diagnostic tools such as vibration analysis, infrared scanning, visual inspections to support a detailed report.
* Excellent report for acquisitions, capital expansions, or life cycle studies.

Technical Drawing and Equipment Documentation

* Documentation procedure development.
* CMMS updates.
* Master Equipment List (MEL) development or updates.
* Collection of field equipment specifications or nameplate data.
* Update technical drawing such as P&ID's.
* Development of equipment files.
* Collect vendor information.

Store Room and Spare Parts Analysis

* Perform spare parts analysis.
* Obsolescent surveys.
* Store room layout and shelving requirements.
* Tracking assets.
* Consolidation of parts and tools.
* Storeroom procedures.
* Bar coding.


* Predictive maintenance classes.
* On the job training for predictive maintenance technologies .
* Work process controls.